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  • Sterile Compound Filters

    International Filter Products is committed to serving sterile compounding pharmacies with our broad range of sterilizing grade filters, filter accessories, tubing, Bio-bags, and Bubble Point Stands. We are a stocking distributor with over $300,000 in inventory of standard products used daily to support our compounders. We provide affordable filtration solutions, expert advice, technical support, and complete documentation. We have unique solutions that are not found elsewhere; capsules and disc filters in different sizes, multiple sterilizing grade membranes, and several options for inlets/outlets. Our filters, whether capsule or disc filter, are factory sterilized, ready to be used out of the package, and include a complete certificate of conformance. Our sterile compounding filters are 100% integrity tested and comply with USP 797 guidelines. Our filters are well known to the FDA inspectors (Saint-Gobain) for the proven quality in the sterile compounding industry. Some of the largest pharmaceutical and drug manufacturer companies have trusted our filters for their final fill over the years. 

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  • International Filter Products has built a reputation in sterile compounding filtration and serving major drug and serum producers, 503 (A) and 503 (B) Pharmacies in the United States and overseas.